We are very  pleased that you visited  our website and hope you like our cats
   as much we do. We start breeding in 1980, and up until 2007 we bred exclusively
   Persians and Exotic Shorthairs.
  In 2007 we decided to stop with Exotic Shorthairs because
   we wanted to introduce two new breeds. still quite unknown in Europe,
   " American Wirehair " and " American Shorthair ".
   We were fascinated by these cats, especially since they are " allergy-friendly "  cats!
  In 2013 we decided to stop breeding Persians too and devote
  ourselves to the " Americanīs ".
  Our cats run freely in our house.They are cuddly, playful
  and funny housemates. They even love our dog " Hanna" and include
  her in their playtime.
  They can also  use a little garden and enjoy the fine weather. Itīs a  
  great pleasure for us to watch them.
  Our cats are checked by a veterinarian .
  Pet kittens go to their new owners at 12 weeks. 
  Breed and show kittens leave at 16 weeks.
  All are sold with a contract.
  We are registered with CFA and TICA .
  Thanks for your interest in our cats.
  Helen & Thorsten Zimmer
   A little insight in our private area....
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